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Bioluma Beauty is a game-changing product in the cosmetics industry. It’s not a typical liquid mascara but a healthful serosity that is believed to provide quick and impressive results. With this product, weak eyelashes are no longer your weak point.

We’ve decided to try Bioluma Beauty ourselves and make sure it actually works. Keep reading to find out the results of our experiment!

Bioluma Beauty: Overview

Bioluma Beauty is a wholly biogenic beauty product that aims at treating, strengthening and regaining your eyelashes. Made in the form of serosity, it makes them longer, thicker and more pronounced. Natural ingredients used in the formula don’t cause skin irritation or eye redness. See below for more details about the serum’s effects.

How Does The Eyelash-Supporting Serum Work?

Bioluma Beauty acts as a powerful antioxidant, flashing out toxic agents from your hair growth cells and protecting the skin from pollutants. The product nourishes your hair cells and keeps them moisturized, thus improving eyelashes’ growth.

Bioluma Beauty Main Partials

The key partials of the Bioluma Beauty serum are 100% biogenic. We guarantee you will not find any analeptics, chemical matters, compositive or genetically modified products, or other hazardous constituents in the blend. This product controlling the growth of eyelashes is rich in vitamins, nutrients and minor-nutrient elements.Bioluma Beauty Reviews

Some active ingredients and their health effects are pointed out further.

Partial Name Partial Health Qualities

Apple extract

This is extract is rich in procyanidins that boost hair growth in all parts of your body, including eyelashes. It makes your hair stronger, thicker and longer.

Pantothenol (Vitamin B5)

The vitamin moisturizes the skin and hair adding some brightness to them.

Indian kino tree bark extract

This herbal ingredients has lots of healthful effects:

·       It reduces ox stress and eliminates toxic agents from the organism.

·       It regulates the blood glucose level and supports normal digestion.

·       The component is frequently used for treating skin irritation, redness, itching, ulceration, and other skin damages.

·       It takes part in cell regenaration.

Bioluma Beauty also utilizes other components apart from those outlined in the table above. The complete list should be mentioned on the serum packaging label or on the original manufacturer’s website.

Does The Beauty Product Act As It’s Supposed To?

Searching online for Bioluma Beauty, customers will definitely find a host of ground-gaining reviews and other clients’ feedback, and can assure that the discussed serosity is way more powerful than the products of the same form. Dozens of patients have managed to solve the problem of weak eyelashes through the use of this healthful product. In view of this, we are 100% positive about Bioluma Beauty acting as it’s supposed to.

Is It OK To Apply Bioluma Beauty Daily?

A few third-party institutions have tested the product formula and proven that this serosity for eyelashes is 100-per-cent organic and health-giving. Apart from that, the Bioluma Beauty mixture has been studied by the FDA, and is made in a facility that confines all the rules and standards of GMPs. Therethrough, we encourage our readers to try this aid for thinning away out!

On top of this, nobody has ever voiced a complaint about adverse effects of the eyelash supporting product. Bioluma Beauty isn’t deleterious to your physical well-being and appearance.

Using The Product

For long-lasting results, you should apply Bioluma Beauty eyelash product on a daily basis following the next steps:

  1. Remove the make-up with a cleanser or any other cosmetic removing product.
  2. Wash your face and let the skin dry.
  3. Take the serosity and give a twist to the bottle bottom for loading the brush with the formula.
  4. Apply the serosity to the skin surrounding your lash lines (on both the over and inferior eyelids).
  5. Do not touch your face until Bioluma Beauty dries out.

For faster results, you may repeat these steps two times a day.

  • In most scenarios, consumers notice difference in their eyelash condition in 25-30 days of the Bioluma Beauty usage. But if you want better results, consider buying a few bottles at once.

Bioluma Beauty Precautionary Measures

Like with prescribed medicines, patients have to take account of the instructions for use provided with the beauty serum and go along with all the measures pointed out. The basic precautions are keeping conditions. It’s strongly recommended keeping Bioluma Beauty in the dry at the temperature of +24-27°C maximum. Make sure your children and pets can’t reach the place of storage.

According to the original manufacturer, the product suits everyone with the issue of weal eyelashes regardless of their age and overall physical condition. However, one should remember that Bioluma Beauty is meant for grown-up women only. Consequently, clients under 18 years old and men should refrain from applying it. Also, Bioluma Beauty isn’t meant for those who are over-sensitive to certain constituents of the blend.

What Value Does The Product Carry?

A 1-bottle package of Bioluma Beauty carries a value of $59. Personally, we think customers are more likely to buy other packaging variants. Thus, you may order three bottles for $129 summarily, or six bottles for $198 summarily. In-country shipping is already included in the pricing, and lasts no more than 1 week. Transborder delivery, for its part, is calculated separately based on your place of residence. In the case of international shipping, customers have to wait for their order for 13-15 working days.Bioluma Beauty buy

What works for clients’ benefit is that there is a 100-percent refund warrant from the manufacturer that is good for 2 months. If you are wary of the product effects, you can claim the refund of overall costs and return the product within the mentioned period after the delivery date. Be patient as the refund processing may take up to 3 working days.

Finding Bioluma Beauty

As of the time of writing, customers can find Bioluma Beauty in the manufacturer’s official online store mainly. The producing company warns their clients to avoid third-party sellers and other distributing platforms as they may sell cheap fakes of the supplement.

Consumers’ Comments on Bioluma Beauty

My mom bought me Bioluma Beauty on my birthday. I didn’t know what effects it takes and used the serum thinking it was a liquid mascara. A kind of decorative cosmetics, not a treating one, you know. In 2 weeks, I noticed my eyelashes had got longer. And they gained some volume as well. I was surprised. Now, I buy the serum from the website myself.

Poppy-Rose Dudley, 27.

Bioluma Beauty is 2 times cheaper than the products I’ve used before. But it actually works! 6 weeks in, my eyelashes are significantly longer and shinier.

Ellouise Whitehead, 46.

I use Bioluma Beauty for both my eyelashes and eyebrows. The hair in these areas started falling out a few months ago, and it was pretty unexpected. My friend suggested this enhancing serum, and I followed her advice. 3 weeks later, I noticed the first changes. Eyelashes stopped coming off, they got slightly longer. Then, the hair started regrowing. Now, my eyelashes and eyebrows are thick and strong.

April Dalton, 31.

Bioluma Beauty takes a few weeks to start working, but the patience is worth it. I’ve never seen such a volume in my eyelashes before!

Kate Melendez, 35.

Bioluma Beauty is actively advertised and made by a company that has been on the market for almost 20 years. That’s why I decided to try it and didn’t regret it. The serum made my eyelashes longer and stronger. They don’t fall out anymore.

Sahar Tierney, 40.

Honestly, I was skeptical of Bioluma Beauty at first. My friend insisted I try it and persuaded me to buy at least one bottle. Now, I regret I haven’t bought 3! The serum works as advertised and provides real results. My eyelashes almost 2 times longer, and they are definitely thicker than before. What’s more, they have even changed the color a bit. Previously, they were dark chestnut, but now the color is more like black.

Elsie-Rose Mair, 33.

To Sum Up

We’ve used Bioluma Beauty for 7 weeks every day as it’s described in “Using The Product”. The first results have appeared on the 3rd week. The eyelashes have become thicker and stopped falling out. A few days later, they seemed to get longer. By the end of the 7th week, the eyelashes have almost doubled in length. Having firsthand knowledge, we can recommend the serum to our readers with no doubt!

In concluding, we have prepared the list of Bioluma Beauty advantages and drawbacks.

PROS Bioluma Beauty

  • Bioluma Beauty acts as a powerful antioxidant, flashing out toxic agents from your hair growth cells and protecting the skin from pollutants.
  • The serosity nourishes your hair cells and keeps them moisturized, thus improving eyelashes’ growth.
  • This biogenic product isn’t deleterious to your health condition and appearance.
  • The formula is made in full compliance with the GMP rules and standards and the FDA directions.
  • The company making Bioluma Beauty offers a 100-percent refund that is good for 2 months.
  • The supplement is delivered both across the country and abroad.
  • There are three packaging variants at promotional prices available.

CONS Bioluma Beauty

  • Bioluma Beauty isn’t meant for patients who are over-sensitive to certain partials of the blend.
  • You can order the hair growth serosity through the original manufacturer only. You won’t find the product offline.

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