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Scrubs are used for deep cleansing of the skin and exfoliation of the upper keratinized layer of cells. These products improve local blood circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and the risk of ingrown hairs after epilation, make the skin soft and velvety. In this article, we will recommend good body scrubs and tell you which product is best to choose based on your skin type.

Why does the skin need peeling?

Peeling or exfoliation procedures provide:

  • the removal of dead skin cells;
  • stimulation of capillary circulation;
  • oxygen saturation of cells;
    stimulation of cell regeneration;
  • nutrition and hydration of the skin;
  • improving its structure and appearance;
  • the alignment of the terrain;
  • better skin perception of nutrients from cosmetics used after peeling.

Types of body scrubs

To find out which body scrub is best to choose, you need to understand the features of the composition of these cosmetics. The cleaning component of most peeling products are abrasive particles: sea salt and sugar crystals, crushed plant bones, pumice powder, loofah particles, granules made of silicone, polyethylene or cellulose. In soft-acting scrubs, acids or enzymes are used instead of mechanical abrasives. They remove dead cells without friction.Body scrub-rating of the best

Additionally, the composition of peels includes caring components: vitamins, minerals, natural oils, plant extracts, lipids, caffeine, adenosine and other active substances. The consistency of scrubs are gel, cream, created on the basis of oils, clay or soap. The formula of such products is aimed at deep cleansing of the skin and solving a certain problem, for example, eliminating dryness or increasing elasticity.

Depending on the additional functions performed, scrubs can be:
Complex action. These products contain a complex of moisturizing and nourishing components. They give the skin smoothness and silkiness. They are used for skin care of the face, hands, feet, back and other parts of the body.
Anticellulite. In addition to cleansing, their action is aimed at improving blood microcirculation and lipolysis, reducing puffiness, and increasing skin elasticity. The best cellulite body scrubs contain specially selected compositions of essential oils and plant extracts, warming substances, caffeine, vitamin B3 and other useful components. Anti-cellulite peels are great for treating the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and other areas that are prone to the appearance of “orange peel”. They are also useful for the prevention of stretch marks.

How to choose a body scrub?

When creating the best body scrub at home and in production, the structure, type and needs of the skin are taken into account. The size of the abrasive particles is selected depending on how dense and rough the skin is in the treated area. Sample recommendations for choosing a scrub depending on the skin type are given in the table:

Skin type

Optimal peeling

Normal and inclined to fat content

Gel or clay-based products with moisturizing and refreshing ingredients. An alternative option is a cream or oil scrub. The abrasive is selected depending on the needs of the skin and personal preferences.

Bold and combined

Gel and emulsion compositions with large abrasive particles. The best scrubs for combination and oily skin of the body have absorbing or seboregulating components (kaolin, plant extracts).

Thin, dry

Oil peels with fine abrasive particles.

Sensitive, prone to allergic reactions

Oil or emulsion formulations with oval synthetic granules, loofah particles or plant enzymes combined with nutrients and soothing substances.

Very sensitive or over-dried

Non-abrasive scrubs that contain enzymes or fruit acids instead of exfoliating particles.

TOP 10 best body scrubs

We present to your attention the rating of body scrubs, based on their popularity in our online store and customer reviews:

  1. Grapefruit salt scrub STENDERS. Refreshing peeling with salt crystals, sweet almond, Shea, jojoba and grapefruit oils. An effective tool for cleansing the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.
    Sugar scrub is a “Black currant”. Contains pumice powder and sugar crystals for deep cleansing of the skin, a complex of vegetable oils, glycerin and black currant extract for complex care.
  2. Pink salt scrub. Product with salt crystals, dried rose petals, almond, jojoba and Shea butter. It has a delicate fragrance that awakens sensuality.
  3. Salt scrub with mint STENDERS. Cooling peeling with salt crystals, dried peppermint and natural oils.
  4. Cranberry sugar scrub. Product with sugar crystals, pumice powder, crushed apricot seeds, glycerin, cranberry extract and juniper oil.
  5. DETOX body scrub. The leader among anti-cellulite products in our review of body scrubs. It has a composition with sugar crystals, Diatomaceous Earth peeling powder, neem leaf extract, glycerin and essential oil complex.
  6. Chocolate sugar scrub STENDERS. It contains sugar crystals, coffee and cocoa powder, natural sweet almond, apricot and grape seed oils. It has an invigorating aroma with hints of coffee and cocoa.
  7. Cream body scrub “sea buckthorn”. Contains abrasive particles from cellulose, Diatomaceous
  8. Earth peeling powder, sea buckthorn and other natural oils for complex skin care.
  9. Lavender salt scrub STENDERS. Product based on salt crystals, sweet almond, Shea, jojoba and lavender oils.
  10. STENDERS body scrub with 24-Karat gold. Contains 24-Karat colloidal gold and pomegranate extract.

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