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No matter how much women experiment with their appearance, it’s no secret that only professional facial care in a beauty salon will give them satisfaction from being displayed in the mirror. After all, some discoveries in the field of cosmetology have made a real breakthrough, pushing the aging process for a long time, offering ladies a choice of ways to solve their problems.

How to choose skin care in the salon?

Salon facial treatments that are worth spending money ON
To ensure effective skin care, the beauty salon offers innovative products and cosmetics. Professionals begin their work with a personal selection of procedures that determine further tactics that can be aimed at:

  • skin regeneration;
  • correction of age-related changes;
  • hydrogenation and fortification;
  • bleaching;
  • skin tone alignment;
  • the removal of inflammation;
  • elimination of wrinkles;
  • restoration of turgor.

The most popular treatments representing salon skin care include:

  • pre-preparation of the skin for the load;
  • the impact of progressive media;
  • rehabilitation of the dermis.

They have age and seasonal restrictions, and differ in the complexity of the technology. So, the rating of the most popular procedures includes:

  • peels that are responsible for cleansing and restoring the skin;
  • mesotherapy-a cocktail of useful substances that restores lost freshness and youth to the face;
  • biorevitalization – skin rejuvenation, due to saturation of its cells with hyaluronic acid;
  • massage is a traditional, but not losing its position, way to restore skin elasticity and get rid of wrinkles;
  • cryotherapy designed to stop the skin from fading.

A professional cosmetologist in beauty salons is obliged to provide high-quality face care procedures, be responsible for the safety of the client’s health, and maintain the reputation of their institution.


Salon facial treatments that are worth spending money ON
Mesotherapy is performed to rejuvenate the skin. Special thin needles, apparatus or by physical action on different parts of the dermis is introduced lipid balanced composition-a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and a drug-vitamin complex, which:

  • inhibits the aging process at the cell level;
  • activates the metabolism;
  • regenerates the skin.

This procedure is recommended for Mature ladies, in order to restore the clarity of the facial contour, tighten flaccid skin, make it elastic and fresh, and remove wrinkles.

At the same time, it is also shown to ladies – 25+. Experts refer mesotherapy to universal face care products, due to the ability to:

  • to deal with rosacea;
  • reduce acne and inflammation;
  • to lighten the dermis;
  • to regulate the secretion of sebum.

After a detailed examination, the cosmetologist determines the composition of the drug (synthetic, herbal) and the method of the procedure (non-injection or injection).

Mesotherapy is an exclusively salon procedure that awakens natural collagen production and stimulates the body’s own resources. The result is a beautiful, well-groomed, fresh and radiant face.

Professional peeling

Salon facial treatments that are worth spending money ON
Professional facial cleansing in the salon is represented by peels. With the help of proven quality products, the cosmetologist helps the client to remove fine wrinkles, relieve inflammation, and rejuvenate the dermis. There are peels:

Surface. Acting exclusively on the upper layers of the epidermis, they clean the skin, make it more susceptible to nutrition, and moisturize well. They are called “weekend” peels, as they are light types, only refresh the skin, without solving the problems of age-related changes.
Middle. They work in the deeper layers of the skin, including the papillary dermis. Perfectly cleanses the skin from the keratinized layer, recommended for eliminating facial wrinkles, age-related stretch marks, creases resulting from the loss of turgor. It should be done in the seasons with the least solar activity-in autumn and winter.
Deep. They are considered the most aggressive type, which is carried out in a hospital under General anesthesia in order to eliminate deep wrinkles and serious age-related changes.
Peels are performed in different ways:

Mechanical-by grinding with diamond dust and brushes.
Physical – by acting on the skin with ultrasound or laser.
Chemical-erasing the upper layer of the epidermis with acids (fruit, almond, milk, wine, glycolic).
The number of procedures depends on the condition of the skin and the desired result.

Various masks by skin type

Salon facial treatments that are worth spending money ON
The effectiveness of professional salon procedures that take care of the face with masks is a real delight for many clients. Their composition is diverse and depends on the type of skin:

Fat. Herbal masks based on powders or extracts are used, as well as extracts from medicinal herbs and flowers.
Dry. Biomatrix is a natural gel mask that saturates the skin with moisture.
Sensitive. Perfectly soothe the skin masks, which include paraffin and wax-this facial care can only be provided in a beauty salon.
Inflamed. Paste forms based on clay are used.
Mature skin. Masks are used for contouring the face, with placental and collagen components that help restore the elasticity and structure of the epidermis.
These are comfortable, relaxing treatments that can perform a miracle, transforming the face in need of care beyond recognition.

Massage of different areas of the face

Salon facial treatments that are worth spending money ON
Professional care includes massage as an effective means of facial care. Its action is directed against:

  • oedemata’s;
  • fuzzy outline;
  • wrinkles’;
  • second chin.

Massage is a great way to restore a healthy appearance to the skin and improve its color. Certain techniques are used for different areas of the face:

Classic. Performed on cosmetic lines with light stroking movements. It is recommended for normal skin in order to preserve the elasticity of the dermis and clear lines.
Plastic. With the help of tangible manipulations with hands or with the use of devices and devices, the contour of the face is modeled, edema is removed (lymphatic drainage, sculptural, vacuum, cryomassage).
Pizzicato. The cosmetic effect of it is immediately noticeable on problem thick skin, burdened with acne, comedones, and scars.
Spot. Improves microcirculation, forms a muscular framework.


A special feature of this procedure, available only in a beauty salon, is the cooling of the upper layer of the dermis with liquid nitrogen. This manipulation does not cause clients any discomfort, it is safe and painless.
Nitrogen is applied to the face manually (with a cotton pad) or using special devices (spray or electrophoresis).

In the absence of contraindications, which include rosacea, this method relieves skin irritation, restores blood circulation, eliminates edema, and stimulates local immunity. As a result, the face looks refreshed — the tone is leveled, the complexion improves, and pigmentation disappears.


In order to radically change the appearance associated with age-related features, give the face a special shape, eliminate cosmetic defects, plastic surgery comes to the aid of women. Most often, ladies resort to such operations as:

Blepharoplasty (surgery on the lower and upper eyelids). Eliminates signs of aging around the eyes, helps restore the expressiveness of the look.
Face lift (circular and endoscopic lifting). Allows you to lose at least 10 years, eliminating the signs of an old face – drooping corners of the eyes, mouth, bryli, wrinkles in the eyes and forehead.
Contour plastic with fillers. With the help of biomaterials, sagging areas of the face are filled in – nasolabial folds, wrinkles, and lips.
All salon procedures without exception are carried out taking into account individual characteristics, in the absence of contraindications. For the best effect, you need a full course of procedures, which will be determined by a cosmetologist.