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Canities, or hair color loss, is a common aging sign among people of 35 years old and above. Though it’s absolutely harmless, such a hair condition may cause embarrassment and confidence issues.

To solve the problem, people usually dye their hair. But rinses don’t provide long-lasting results. We know a great product that will help you to regain your natural hair color – Foligray. Further, we are going to review its benefits, potent constituents, pricing, and other aspects. Without many words, let’s get started!

Foligray: Key Info

Foligray by Vita Balance is a fully organic dietic aid that aims at reducing greyness and regaining natural hair color. The supplement is packed with essential vitamins and is believed to work better than any other marketed product. Below, you may check its way of action.

How Does The Hair Product Act?

Foligray acts on the melanotic pigment in the first instance. This pigment is responsible for the color of our skin and hair. Also called melanin, it’s located in melanocytes of follicles, and gives color to hair roots. With the increase of years, the pigment production decreases, and hair becomes lighter or even gray. It may also happen due to stress and anxiety.

Foligray tries to reverse this process by keeping follicles healthy and supporting the normal hair growth cycle. It reduces greyness and assists in regaining the natural hair color. Also, the supplement participates in the production of biocatalysts essential for hair growth and thickening.

Foligray Potent Constituents

The basic partials of the Foligray aid are all biogenic. You won’t find any exciters, chemical materials, compositive or GMO products, or other dangerous agents in the admixture. This hair pigmentation aid is a great collection of vitamins, nutritional substances and micro-elements.

Some active (potent) partials and their healthy effects are listed in the table below.

Ingredients Component Health Properties

Scavenger enzyme

The ingredient helps to reduce hydrogen dioxide that is toxic for hair follicles. It turns H2O2 into water and reverses the process of graying.

Chinese Knotweed extract

This herbal component makes hair thicker, promotes its growth, and treats baldness.


It supports the normal functioning of suprarenal glands, reduces stress and anxiety. Also, panthothenic acid makes hair thicker and eliminates damages from a flattening iron or styler-dryer.


The trace mineral takes an active part in the production of melanotic pigment that gives color to your hair.

Shavegrass extract

The herbal component strengthens the bone structure, works as a natural renal stimulant, promotes nail health and hair growth. Also, it offers antioxidative, antiphlogistic, anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial properties.


This trace mineral boosts immunity, improves metabolic performance, enhances cell and tissue regeneration.

Note that only a small share of the ingredients utilized in Foligray is represented in the table. You may look through the full list on the supplement bottle label or on the manufacturing company’s official page.

Possible Adverse Reactions

There are no rants about side reactions to the dietic supplement. Foligray isn’t hazardous to your physical state. Besides, it doesn’t cause addiction as the formula is absolutely biogenic and contains no chemicals or exciters.

Is Foligray Safe For Day-to-Day Intake?

The aid blend has been tested by several third-party laboratories and proven to be a hundred-per-cent natural and health-giving formula. Let alone the Foligray blend is checked by the Food and Drug Administration, and produced in a facility that holds on to all the rules and standards of GMPs. For that specific reason, we give a few pointers on this product for reducing greyness to our readers!

Does The Hair-Improving Aid Act As In The Video-Presentation?

Taking due account of numerous promoting reviews and feedback, customers can make certain that Foligray is way more efficacious than the products cast in the same mould. The dietic aid has aided hundreds of patients to resolve their weight issues. So, we are 100% sure that Foligray is effectual and acts as shown in the manufacturer’s presentation.

Foligray Precautionary Measures

Taking this dietic aid, patients should take account of the product instruction and apply all the measures mentioned in it. The most common precautions are storage conditions. It’s highly recommended to keep Foligray in a dark, dry place at a temperature of +10-25°C (50-77°F), away from the reach of children and domestic animals.

Though it’s stated that the supplement suits everyone with the issue of hair color loss, remember that it’s created for adults only. Therefore, if you are younger than 18 years old, refrain from consuming this dietetic product. Think about other solutions. Also, Foligray isn’t designed for mothers to be and lactating women, those who are over-sensitive to certain components utilized in the formula, or customers using prescribed medicines or other healthful products. Be aware that product pills contain traces of gelatin, and might not be suitable for a vegan diet.

In any case, take your health care provider’s advice before ordering this melanin-regulating product as self-medication might be dangerous. And do not overdose!

What About The Supplement Usage?

The suggested dose for day-to-day intake is 2 capsules. It’s highly recommended to take the pills during meals with a glass of any beverage. A bottle includes sixty capsules that will last you 30 days.

9 times out of 10, consumers notice positive changes in their hair condition in the first 20-30 days of the Foligray intake. However, for the best results possible, it’s highly advisable to use the supplement for upwards of three months.

Where To Find Foligray?

As of today, customers may purchase Foligray through the manufacturer’s official online store only. Be careful as the naturopathic market is full of cheap fakes. Bear in mind that the company manufacturing Foligray doesn’t sell its supplements through third-party sellers and other distributing platforms.

How Much Does It Go For?

A 1-bottle package of Foligray comes out at almost $25. The vast majority of the time, customers get interested in other packaging options. There are 2 more available. Thus, you may purchase two bottles for $44.96 in total, or four bottles (+1 for free) for $89.92 in total. Domestic shipping is without charge, and as a rule, takes one week at most. Transborder shipping, in its turn, is charged based on your place of living, and might last up to 15 business days.Foligray Reviews review and buy

Another pro is that there is a 24-week full refund guarantee provided. If you dislike the product, or it basically doesn’t act as it’s advertised, you can claim a 100% refund without additional questions and return the product within 180 days after the shipping date. Bear in mind that the processing of your complaint and money transaction may last up to 3 business days.

Consumers’ Comments on Foligray

Foligray works! I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks only, but I already see some changes. There are definitely fewer gray spots than before.

Saima Stone, 49.

My hair started graying quite early. When I turned 35, I began dying hair roots constantly. I felt embarrassed and disgusted at the same time. After long research, I found an article about Foligray. It was convincing. I’ve been using the supplement for 3 months now, and color loss has definitely slowed down.

Graham Hutchings, 37.

Foligray is a great formula. Really effective, no side effects whatsoever.

Abdallah Fry. 51.

There were no effects during the first 3 weeks, I was even ready to claim the return. But then, my hair has got thicker, it started growing faster, and the root color has changed. The color is a bit brighter than my natural hair color, but still, it looks much better than before.

Farhaan Cleveland, 45.

Foligray helped to solve my color loss issue. 5 out of 5.

Liam Howell, 55.

Foligray is much better than rinses and shampoos I’ve tried before. The results are really lasting. I’d definitely recommend the supplement to my friends.

Ariel Schwartz, 53.

Foligray is amazing! The gray’s disappeared in 2 months! Thanks to Vita Balance.

Stuart Shepard, 48.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Foligray is one of a kind product that is actually result-oriented. It’s effective, way cheaper than its analogs, and assists customers in solving their premature canities issues safely. Below, you may check the supplement benefits and drawbacks.


  • Foligray tries to reverse the process of hair color loss by keeping follicles healthy and supporting the normal hair growth cycle.
  • It reduces greyness and assists in regaining the natural hair color.
  • The supplement participates in the production of biocatalysts essential for hair growth and thickening.
  • This naturopathic product isn’t dangerous to your physical and mental condition.
  • The formula is blended in obedience to the GMP standards and the Food and Drug Administration regulations.
  • The manufacturing company offers a 24-week full refund guarantee.
  • The option of transborder shipping is also accessible.
  • There are 3 packaging variants at lowered prices available.


  • The supplement pills contain traces of gelatin, and may not suit a vegan diet.
  • Foligray isn’t designed for expectant/lactating females, underage patients, or people who are hypersensitive to one or more components used in the supplement formula.
  • You can purchase the dietetic supplement only through the manufacturing company’s official online store.
  • Though Foligray is being manufactured in accordance with the FDA regulations, the product isn’t officially approved by the Administration.

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