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Hydralyft has become insanely popular recently. The main reason for that is the people’s desire to keep their skin in a healthy condition by providing its with collagen.

As you may know, collagen is a protein agent. The most common misguiding thinking about protein collagen is that it is used in skin care only. However, this agent is also an important building component of your hair, ossa, sinews, ligamentum and muscles.
As Oral Collagen Supplementation: A Systematic Review of Dermatological Applications study has shown, supplements containing collagen are quite effective in regardless of supporting both your skin and overall health. And one of these supplements is Hydralyft. It influences the production of protein collagen, increasing its level and effecting your skin health.

In this review, we are going to cover all the possible aspects we have got to know about Hydralyft supplement and answer the most common questions about the product. Read till the end to know more about the anti-agent supplement!

What Is The Product We’re Talking About?

Hydralyft is considered to be an anti-aging supplement (or collagen supplement) that effects directly your skin. Containing oxidation inhibitors in the formula, the product helps to boost your protein collagen level, protect your skin from sun burns and other possible damages, and also to postpone common signs of insenescence like wrinkle formation, skin depigmentation, hair problems and so on. What is more, Hydralyft helps your skin to keep recovering.

The supplement is formulated by 5th&Glow Company and comes in the form of pills, so it’s pretty easy to consume it. These pills were lab-tested by a few third-site institutions and proven to be effectual. Therefore, we strongly recommend Hydralyft.

Is Hydralyft Safe?

As we said before, Hydralyft pills were lab-tested by a few third-part institutions and proven to be effectual and completely secure to consume. There are also no chemicals in the formula. It means there are no side effects or risk of harm to your organism in general and skin in particular.

List of Active Ingredients

The Hydralyft formula contains no trichochromogenic factor or chemical components. All the ingredients are 100% natural, of high quality and are mainly vitamin factors and herbal extracts. For that reason, the formula is very effective and powerful.

Some of the supplement active components are listed below:

  • Factor W (also known as vitamin H or biotin): This ingredient improves the condition of your skin, hair, liver and faculty of vision.
  • Collagen: It’s frequently used in treating joint pains and skin problems (signs of aging in general), preventing osteoporosis and heart issues. The component may also boost your muscle mass gaining.
  • Astragalus membranaceus and Centella asiatica extract blend: It effects the hydrating process basically moisturizing your skin.
  • Australian pine extract: It is used for treating skin depigmentation mainly, but the extract is also known for beneficial effects on the overall health.
  • Green tea: The ingredient is known to be an oxidation preventive that, regarding your skin condition, helps to protect it against sun damages.
  • Cynarrhodium oil: This component moisturizes your skin, increases collagen production in it, reduces super-pigmentation. It’s also used for skin brightening in cosmetology.

Does Hydralyft Actually Work?

After taking a closer look at Hydralyft main ingredients, we can say for sure the supplement is effective and brings the wanted results. Besides, there are numerous testimonials on the product written by grateful customers. Some of them we have listed below, in the Hydralyft Consumers’ Feedback section. Read it to make sure yourself!

Who Should Use This Anti-Aging Supplement?

We consider Hydralyft to be suitable for both men and women above 30-35 years old. It will help to keep your skin moisturized, resilient and shiny.

If you’re under 30 years old but still worrying about your skin condition, consider other options like healthy diet, changes to daily regime and so on. Always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Precautionary Measures for Hydralyft

There are just a few precautionary measures for the Hydralyft supplement. They are as follows:

  1. Keep the product in a dry, dark place at room temperature (+15-25°C).
  2. Keep the supplement away from children’s reach.
  3. Consult with your doctor about taking the Hydralyft supplement, maximum dosage, duration of consuming and so on.

There are no restrictions specified regarding the customer’s age, sex or health condition. But personally, we assume it’s better not to take the supplement if you have an allergy on one of the Hydralyft active ingredients.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects reported. Due to the fully natural formula, there is no risk of harm to your skin or health in general.

Hydralyft Usage

The recommended dosage of Hydralyft is one pill a day. Consume it with a glass of water. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking the supplement in the morning or before going to bed, with or without food, but it’s really important to be consistent in its usage. Consume the pills everyday at the same time for at least one week to see some significant changes in your skin condition. Set an alarm-clock if you’re quite forgetful.

Where to Buy? What Is The Price?

We strongly recommend buying this anti-aging supplement form the manufacturer official website. You can contact 5th&Glow Company via e-mail or phone number and place your order. Or just simply add the supplement to your cart online.

The price for one bottle with 30 capsules (a 1-month use) is 69.95 dollars. The local delivery is usually made within a week. The international shipping takes no more than two weeks.

What is a huge plus is that the manufacturer guarantees a 365-day full refund. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the Hydralyft supplement, you can return it within a year and get your money back. However, as we know so far, nobody has ever used this warrant. There are no complaints at all!

Hydralyft Consumers’ Feedback

We have checked hundreds of consumers’ comments on the Hydralyft supplement before passing our final opinion on the product. And we are really glad we haven’t found any bad feedback. Some of the comments are listed below.

Under eye puffiness has been my main problem for years. I have tried different creams and pills, but nothing has ever worked as it’s promised. I decided to give Hydralyft a try after watching its presentation. It seemed real. So, I’ve been using Hydralyft pills for half and a month now, and I can diffidently see the results. My under-eye bags are not so visible anymore. And complexion in general is much better.

Sarah-Louise Piper, 41, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


A few years ago, I began to notice some changes in my skin pigmentation. There were some dark and white spots that I couldn’t get rid of. And they were especially visible during summer time. My friend suggested Hydralyft to me, and I thought it would be better to take this dietary supplement than using any medications. And after 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve noticed the first changes. The skin color has become purer if you can call it so. I’m really exited to use my first bottle till the end and see what else would change.

Agata Webb, 53, Glendale, Arizona.

I’m fully satisfied with the product. It works as it’s promised.

Christie Forster, 60, Charlotte, North Carolina.


With aging, my cheeks became more hollow and nasal labial folds – deeper. It didn’t look pretty at all, so I decided to take some actions. Hydralyft has become a solution for me. Now, my complexion in general looks better. Wrinkles are almost not visible, and nasal labial folds don’t seen that long and deep. Thanks to the manufacturer!

Siana Schaefer, 49, Anchorage, Alaska.

I was suffering from skin dehydration. Moisturizers ans special creams didn’t do too much. At least, I couldn’t see the results I wished. My cosmetologist said it was due to a low level of collagen in my skin and suggested Hydralyft. I gave it a try. I’m using my second bottle now and can tell for sure that my skin is more resilient and looks healthier than ever.


Jocelyn King, 65, Toronto, Canada.


We strongly believe that Hydralyft supplement is a must-have for people concerning about their skin condition (especially, if you are over 40). Give it a try, and you will see the results in a few weeks. We guarantee that!

At last, let’s consider some advantages and disadvantages of the product.

PROS Hydralyft

  • Hydralyft boost your protein collagen level.
  • The supplement helps to postpone common signs of insenescence like wrinkle formation, skin depigmentation or super-pigmentation, hair problems and so on.
  • It improves the recovering efficiency of your skin.
  • Hydralyft keeps your skin moisturized and resilient.
  • The product comes in the form of pills what makes it easy to consume Hydralyft. Besides, you can always take it with you wherever you go.
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year money-back guarantee.

CONS Hydralyft

  • The product is available online only.
  • It’s not suitable for people with allergies on the Hydralyft active ingredients.

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