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This is a must-read article before purchasing the Keranique Hair Regrowth system! The growth cycle of the hair depends on a number of factors. And while alopecia is commonly related to a problem in older men, many women also experience hair shedding or thinning at some point in their lives. It can affect their esteem and confidence levels and may be sometimes a sign of other health problems that require treatment.

Hair loss in females can be provoked by numerous reasons. Stressful situations, lifestyle, diet, genetic predisposition, environment, changes to the endocrine profile and diseases can all contribute to hair shedding or thinning. About 70% of females over the age of 70 suffer from baldness by female pattern (the most widespread type of alopecia), and 40% of women are martyrs to hair issues after menopause.
Normally, people lose a certain amount of hair daily (about a hundred hairs). Alopecia or hair thinning is talked about when certain triggers, such as those listed above, interrupt the healthy hair growth cycle and more hairs enter the resting (shedding) phase, resulting in noticeable bald patches or hair that is much thinner and weaker.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Reviews: Get Back Your Beautiful Hair!
Because of the constantly changing hormonal levels throughout their lives, females are particularly susceptible to some of the unique triggers of hair loss associated with hormonal changes, such as pregnancy and menopause. In the absence of a diagnosed disease, many of the habits that help keep overall health will also keep your hair healthy. Typically, lifestyle-related causes of hair condition changes can be easily addressed:

  • Adequate nutrition and exercise can help keep your hair and body in optimal condition. Exercise regularly and eat foods rich in nutrients needed for healthy hair growth, such as iron, biotin, and zinc.
  • Dehydration can affect negatively the health of the skin, including the scalp, and interfere with normal hair growth, and hair structure can worsen.
  • Smoking, alcohol abuse, and other lifestyle factors can negatively affect the condition of your hair as it affects your overall health. These factors can contribute to dehydration or inhibit the penetration of minerals necessary for hair growth into the scalp.
  • Increased stress levels can lead to hair loss or thinning.
  • Styling and hair care: excessive ponytail or bun hair, overuse of heat styling, leftover hair care products, and clogged scalp pores can lead to thinning or hair loss.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are lots of options for treating hair loss without radically changing your everyday routine. The Keranique Hair Regrowth system is exactly such a solution!

Keranique Hair Regrowth: Key Details

Keranique Hair Care is a combination of hair care products designed specifically for women facing hair shedding or thinning. The treating system contains of:

  • Follicle Boosting Serum (Hair Regrowth Treatment)
  • Shampoo Stimulating Scalp
  • Volumizing Conditioner with Keratin
  • Lift & Repair Treating Spray

All these products guarantee the following effects:

  • The system improves the state of the scalp, removes dandruff and skin exfoliation.
  • Keranique treatment enhances blood microcirculation in the scalp.
  • It promotes regeneration and recovery of hair follicles.
  • These products improve hair structure addressing split ends and hair breakage.
  • Keranique Hair Regrowth complex nourishes hair with essential nutrients.
  • It makes hair thicker, shinier, and adds more volume to it.

Active Components

All parts of the Keranique Hair Regrowth kit slightly differ in their composition.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Reviews: Get Back Your Beautiful Hair!

Yet, there are 2 components that are present in all shampoos, conditioners, and treating options by Keranique:

Keratin It detoxifies the organism, supports the structure of nails, skin, and hair. Keratin promotes hair follicle regeneration and boosts hair (re)growth.
Vitamin B5 Also known as panthenol, it protects the scalp from environmental pollutants, hydrates the skin, ensures hair elasticity and smoothness. Also, the component alleviates an inflammatory state.

How to Use Hair Regrowth by Keranique?

The Hair Regrowth kit by Keranique is a 4-step system. So, any time you are going to wash your hair, stick to the following procedure:

  1. Apply Keranique Shampoo to your scalp and gently cleanse it. Do not use it to the full length of hair. This product is meant to enhance the state of hair follicles mainly.
  2. Wash down the shampoo and use the Volumizing Conditioner. Apply it to the full length of hair (not to the scalp) and wait for about 5 minutes. The product will make your hair shinier, thicker, and “bouncier”.
  3. Wash down the conditioner and slightly dry your hair with a towel. Apply Keranique Follicle Boosting Serum to hair follicles. Gently massage the scalp. The serum will stimulate cellular regeneration and hair regrowth.
  4. Last but not least, use the Keranique Lift&Repair Treatment while your hair is still slightly wet. Spay the product on split ends, damaged or broken hair. Let the hair dry on its own.

Where & How to Order? What’s the Price?

Keranique Hair Regrowth products can be ordered online through the official manufacturer’s website only. To make a purchase, just follow the link we’ve provided, fill in an online form with your personal data (full name, email, country, address, zip code), and choose the deal for new users (details are further). Click on the Buy Now button, and that’s basically it! Your order will be delivered within 3-5 business days. International shipping usually takes about 2 weeks.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Reviews: Get Back Your Beautiful Hair!

The deal for new customers includes the standard package (4 hair care products) + free gifts for 49.95 dollars. Bonus products include:

  • Deluxe Travel Kit for On-The-Go
  • Premium Travel Bag
  • 2-Piece Styling Kit

Apart from that, the manufacturer offers a 100% refund guarantee that can be claimed within 120 days upon the delivery date. It will cover all your expenses even if you’ve used up all the products.

Consumers’ Comments on Keranique Hair Regrowth

Three months after giving birth, I experienced hair loss. My hair fell out in strands, bald patches began to appear at the forehead, the scalp became visible through the hair. I purchased this hair growth system as well as a biotin supplement. I used Keranique products each time washing my hair as instructed. After a month, the hair loss gradually stopped. I’m so happy!

Marsha Timms, 34.

With the assist of Keranique Hair Regrowth, my hair is shiny and bouncy again. I’m much more confident in my appearance!

Marissa Haigh, 40.

The complex is good! I have thin and very soft hair, which I wash every day due to the oily content. With Keranique spray and serum, my hair became denser and coarser, and the “greasy” issue was resolved, which I did not expect! Now, I wash my hair every 3-4 days. By the way, they fell out much less. I can’t say anything about hair growth yet. But the Keranique complex is definitely worth taking!

Billie Bloom, 43.

I couldn’t decide on this system for a long time. But once I ordered it, I have never regretted it! After giving birth, my hair began to fall out, but thanks to Keranique products, I addressed the problem. Moreover, I restored the growth. Now, there are a lot of short hairs, new hairs have started to grow, and there are a lot of them! I strongly advise Keranique system to everyone, without exception. It’ll definitely help!

Nelly Mckay, 39.

Keranique Lift & Repair spray is great for strengthening and growing hair. One small drawback: it stains the hair. BUT I think it’s just concentrated and works this way. The spray slightly cools the scalp, you need to keep it for at least half an hour. In combination with other Keranique products, I have grown so much under hair, which gradually turns into full hair. Definitely recommend!

Simra Croft, 29.

Final Verdict

Without causing physical pain, hair loss in any form can be a source of unpleasant emotions. For many women, hair is part of their personality: it can be psychologically difficult to come to terms with its loss, it can affect self-esteem.
An important first step in treating hair loss in women is understanding the cause of the phenomenon. See your doctor or trichologist for help and support. The sooner a problem or cause is identified, the sooner it can be corrected, reversed, or at least slowed down.

Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and living a healthy lifestyle (such as quitting smoking or drinking alcohol) are important factors for healthy hair growth. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also help prevent hair loss in women. But if you are already facing the issue, proper nutrition, a positive attitude, and regular physical activity won’t provide 100% results. But Keranique Hair Regrowth will!


  • The system improves the condition of the scalp, removes dandruff and skin exfoliation.
  • Keranique treatment enhances blood microcirculation in the scalp.
  • It promotes regeneration and recovery of hair follicles.
  • These products improve hair structure addressing split ends and hair breakage.
  • Keranique Hair Regrowth complex nourishes hair with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It can make your hair thicker, shinier, and adds more volume to it.
  • The manufacturer guarantees a 120-day full refund.


  • Keranique Hair Regrowth System is available for online purchase only.
  • Do not expect immediate results. Hair care products have an accumulative effect.


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