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This review is a must-read article before buying Keravita Pro! Poronia punctata is probably one of the most annoying health conditions ever. You may treat it endlessly, but the fungus can still come back. On top of this, it might develop in a person of any age, and not show any symptoms at early stages.

Fortunately, there are lots of anti-fungicidal products marketed nowadays. And Keravita Pro is one of them. But what makes this particular supplement unique? Is it trust-worthy? We decided to study various customers’ comments and reviews to draw our conclusion on the product. So, let’s begin with the overview.

What’s The Product We’re Reviewing?

Keravita Pro is a 100% organic dietetic aid that is used for treating poronia punctata – a condition also known as nail fungus. This antimycotic solution was created by professor Benjamin Jones after more than 15 years of an in-depth examination and dozens of tests. The supplement is also utilized for preventing other infectious conditions, and promoting skin care in general.

How Does Keravita Pro Acts On The Organism?

Keravita Pro acts through the defense system supporting it and reducing the risk of future infections. It solves the issue of nail fungus, improves skin condition, and even enhances cardiovascular health. On top of this, the supplement assists to regrowth nails damaged by the fungus infection. Other effects are described in the table of active ingredients.Keravita Pro Reviews 2021: Is It Effective

The Table Of Active Components

Keravita Pro may impress anyone with its formula. The dietetic aid contains almost 30 natural ingredients. It doesn’t include any genetically modified components, chemical and/or compositive products, additives, or agents that may cause addiction.

In the table below, we have listed some key ingredients and their qualities.

Ingredient Name

Ingredient Qualities


It’s frequently used for treating inflammatory state due to its antiphlogistic qualities.

Cat’s Claw

This herbal ingredients is effective against infections.

Olive oil

It exhibits antioxidative and antiphlogistic properties, supports heart health and the immune system.


Firstly, it nourishes the organism providing it with vitamins and minerals. Secondly, the plant offers antiphlogistic properties and helps fight infectious conditions.


This ingredient eases the symptoms of inflammatory conditions and reduces the risk of further infections.


This herbal component is well-known for supporting the defense system. Also, it provides the organism with various nutrients.


It exhibits antioxidative properties, and supports the defense system.

Asiatic ginseng

The ingredient boosts the defense system, and addresses the issue of inflammatory state.

Green tea leaf

It’s full of antioxidants that support one’s immunity. Green tea also promotes heart health, cognitive function, and improves skin condition.

L-ascorbic acid

Also known as Vitamin C, the component boosts the immunity system, reduces risk of infections and chronic ailments.

We have mentioned just a part of the formula components. The full list of ingredients is indicated on the supplement bottle and can be found at the manufacturer’s official page.

Is Keravita Pro Actually Safe And Effectual?

Yes, Keravita Pro is completely secure to consume. It doesn’t include any genetically modified components, chemical and/or compositive products, additives, or agents that may cause addiction. Besides, the admixture components have been tested and studied for more than 15 years to ensure its effectiveness against nail fungus.

Possible Adverse Reactions

No adverse reactions are found or reported as of today. Besides, there are no bad comments on the product itself either. We think it’s all due to the Keravita Pro natural formula.Keravita Pro Reviews 2021: Is It Effective

Precautionary Measures For Keravita Pro

Consuming the pills, you have to follow the next precautionary measures:

  • Store the supplement in a dark, dry place at room temperature.
  • Keep the product away from pets and children’s reach.
  • Consult with your health care provider before buying this dietetic aid. Self-medication can be harmful.
  • Think about Keravita Pro interactions with prescribed medications or other aids (if you are taking them). Consult with your health care provider if necessary.
  • If you are an expectant mother or lactating female, consult with you doctor on the product intake.
  • Do not miss the supplement intake. It’s important to stick to a certain schedule for better results.

How To Consume This Antimycotic Product?

The recommended dosage is two capsules per day (one capsule per serving; in the morning and evening). It’s highly advised to take the pills after food intake with a glass of water. Do not miss the capsule intake. It’s important to stick to a certain schedule for better results.

The recommended duration of intake is 2-3 months. Note that one bottle of the anti-fungicidal aid contains 60 capsules. It’s exactly a 1-month supply.

Where To Order Keravita Pro?

Currently, you can find the anti-fungal supplement on the manufacturer’s official website only. Deals from other sellers may be a scam.

What’s The Pricing?

One bottle of Keravita Pro goes for 69 dollars. You may also order three bottles for 177 dollars, and six bottles for 294 dollars. The first packaging option provides you with a 1-month supply. Purchasing one of 2 options left, you will receive a 3 and 6-month supple respectively.

Domestic delivery is usually made within 3-5 working days (a week at maximum). Note that order processing may take up to 3 working days if the inflow of orders is huge. International shipping feature is also available. It may take up to 14 days.

Note that manufacturer also offers a full money-back guarantee. You may return the supplement within 2 months upon the delivery date if there are no results at all.

Consumers’ Feedback on Keravita Pro

I’m still taking the pills (there are 2 more bottles to go), but from what I can see, skin around my toenails has got better. The redness’s gone as well. And toes don’t hurt as much as before. Again, I haven’t taken the full course yet. So, we’ll what happens next.

Said Hamer, 32, North Hempstead, New York.

The delivery was made within a week, as promised. Thanks a lot to the company. As for the rest, I have nothing to complaint about. Pills work, fungus is slowly disappearing.

Maison Hines, 43, Toronto, Canada.

I’ve used Keravita Pro before, so it’s my second experience of consuming it. Everything was fine, I hadn’t had nail fungus for a year. But then I went to a public bath, and here we are again. I know the supplement will solve the issue.

Annabelle Bishop, 45, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It works slowly, but effectively. After the first three weeks of intake, honestly, I was ready to claim the refund. But still, I decided to wait for two more weeks. And yes, I noticed the difference. The nail color and shape have improved, and I don’t have the infection anymore.

Annie Leach, 39, Reno, Nevada.

I noticed changes on the second week of intake. The condition of nails has got better, and the smell has gone. On top of this, I started feeling more energized and healthy, in a manner of speaking. In other words, I like everything about Keravita Pro, and want to continue taking the pills.

Barnaby Crowther, 41, Henderson, Nevada.

I was experiencing pain from fingernail infection for almost half a year. I’ve tried different local products, but the results weren’t long-lasting. My doctor suggested Keravita Pro as a safe and natural solution. I gave it a try, and didn’t regret.

Miles Santana, 28, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Everything began with a small white spot under my toenail. I made little account of it, because I couldn’t even imagine it might be a symptom of the infection. For a few months, the fungus grew and developed, till the moment I couldn’t stand pain anymore. Nail conditions were horrible. I had to remove my right toenail completely. That’s how bad it was. And only after that, I decided to meet my doctor. I know, stupid of me. He suggested Keravita Pro, but warned about long intake duration. I didn’t care at that moment. I’ve just finished a 3-month course of treatment with this supplement. I’m really glad I was patient enough to complete it, because the results are worth it.

Shakira Finch, 27, Arlington, Virginia.

5 out of 5. Great product!

Xanthe Dillard, 34, Boise, Idaho.


Based on the consumers’ testimonials and other details mentioned above, we can say for sure that Keravita Pro is one of the top-notch anti-fungicidal supplements. It’s effectual, poses no harm, and is approved by the FDA.


  • Keravita Pro fights poronia punctata infection, improves skin condition, and even enhances cardiovascular health.
  • The dietetic aid helps to regrowth nails damaged by the infection.
  • It doesn’t include any genetically modified components, chemical and/or compositive products, additives, or agents that may cause addiction.
  • The anti-fungicidal product is fully organic, completely secure to take, and effectual against poronia punctata.
  • The manufacturer offers a 2-month full refund guarantee.
  • International shipping feature is available.


  • Keravita Pro may not suit pregnant or lactating females.
  • The product is available online only.

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