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In most cases, it’s men, who suffer from hair loss and balding. However, some women may experience it too. No matter your gender, losing hair may be extremely humiliating and depressing. It affects your moods and makes you feel old and bad-looking. And it’s true: those who face this problem do look older, and vice versa, healthy hair makes your look attractive and confident. Surely, some men look even more brutal and handsome with no hair. Unfortunately, not all of us are like Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis. Therefore, scientists are always looking for new solutions to the problem of losing hair. And Revifol supplement may be one of them. This natural product is claimed to solve your problem for good. Let’s figure out if this formula is really so potent and efficient.

What triggers balding?

To begin with, you have to understand what processes inside your body trigger this problem in the first place. There are different factors contributing to hair loss. Unhealthy lifestyle, age, a lack of physical activity, and using unhealthy hair care products are among them. But there is another problem hidden deep inside your body.

You have surely heard about the main male hormone testosterone. It is present in females too, but in lesser quantities. Your body needs this hormone to keep you energized, alert, and strong. Also, it promotes better moods and prevents depression.

Testosterone has a byproduct called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This steroid is also very important for your overall health, and it’s ok if it’s present in your body. The problem starts when too much DHT is produced. In the long run, your may face such health issues as prostate adenoma, erectile dysfunction, and, yes, balding, as it weakens hair follicles. Funny enough, other parts of your body, like legs, hands, chest and face, may, on the contrary, experience excess hair growth in this case.

But why does this happen? Why your male hormone is slowly turning into your enemy? 5-alpha-reductase enzyme is to blame. According to Hims, it converts some of your testosterone into DHT. People who have family history of hair loss are more likely to suffer from this enzyme. So, to slow this process down, your need lessen the 5-alpha-reductase amount in your body and meanwhile promote healthy hair growth.

As testosterone is the primary male hormone, women are less likely to suffer from balding. However, as their bodies naturally contain a certain amount of testosterone, they may face this unpleasant issue as well. To crown it all, although hair loss is typically associated with age factor, any person, even in their 20’s, may suffer from it – again “thanks” to the nasty enzyme.

Who created Revifol?

This innovative product was developed by a hair care specialist from Texas, Dr. James Connor. For many years, he has been working in hair care industry, helping people fight balding. His activities are generally focused on hair transplant surgery. This procedure is cosmetic, meaning that you don’t actually regrow your hair, but rather transplant it from other areas. So, the problem is not really fixed. Besides, this procedure is costly and takes time and efforts.

The action

Dr. Connor made a fortune helping people who lose hair. However, deep inside, he wasn’t satisfied with his work. He wanted to find a solution that will finally put an end to the problem of balding in men and women, to address the root cause of it. That’s why he initiated his own research, with the help of prominent hair care specialists.

He spent months to finally find the answer. As he states in his online presentation, he realized that hair loss is somehow linked to the geographic area. In some countries, there are more balding people than in others. Further research showed that such differences are likely to be caused by nutrition. To be specific, in some geographical areas people consume products that naturally reduce the amount of 5-alpha-reductase in their bodies, thus preventing balding.

The scientists only had to find out what these magical products are. They managed to do it and prepared a natural blend of healthy nutrients supposed to stop balding and prevent it in the future. They called this mixture Revifol formula. Its ingredients are easily absorbed in your body. There, they start acting immediately, slowing down the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Soon, its level goes back to normal.

Revifol ingredients

The blend contains a lot of healthy components: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts are among them. To begin with, the formula includes hydrolyzed collagen. You must have heard about collagen: the protein is essential for your skin, nails, and hair and is widely applied in beauty products.

Then, it contains the grape seed extract. Since ancient times, it has been applied in cosmetics and personal care products. It contains antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, and vitamins A, B, C, E. The extract promotes blood circulation in your scalp, stimulates hair growth, and protects your hair from dangerous environment and pollutants.

The next key ingredient is Gotu Kola. It has miraculous regeneration properties. It enhances blood circulation and provides nutrients delivery to your scalp. Also, it’s known to promote energy and fight stress and anxiety which are also linked to hair loss.

Have you ever eaten sushi? Then you probably know about seaweed called nori. This seaweed is good for your scalp too: it prevents balding and stimulates hair growth.

Revifol also contains other organic substances that are associated with hair health and overall health as they contain a substantial number of essential nutrients. Besides, all of them are perfectly natural, no dangerous preservers, GMO or additives are used by the manufacturer.

What can you expect?

You may spot the difference in a few days or weeks. Normally, users confirm that in a few days of intake their hair fell out less than before. Don’t worry if they still will fall out. That’s absolutely normal: hair has a certain life cycle. It does fall out every day. The purpose is to get back to normal and prevent further balding.

Later, you may notice that not only it falls out less, but new healthy hair starts to grow slowly. This happens because your follicles damaged by DHT start to regenerate. You may even notice that your new hair gets thicker and stronger that in your early 20’s.

As the supplement contains a lot of beneficial ingredients, your overall health will enhance too. You’ll start feeling more energized and supercharged. Your sleep quality will improve; you’ll feel less stressed and exhausted.

Finally, when you see the changes, your self-esteem will boost. You’ll feel young, confident, and attractive again. And your reflection in the mirror will confirm it.

Is Revifol safe?

It is made from only organic components, and they make it absolutely safe for users of any age. You may take it in your 20’s or 60’s without concern. The raw materials used by the manufacturer are pure and undergo quality control. There’re no adverse effects. Besides, the supplement is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Still, if you’re allergic to any component, you are recommended to avoid taking the product or consult with your healthcare professional prior to use. Stop taking it and see your doctor if something feels out of order.


If you wish to buy this product, check the website and make an order. One bottle costs $69 + small shipping fee. To make the deal more profitable for consumers, the manufacture offers a discount if you buy 3 bottles (total $177) or 6 bottles (total $300). In this case, the shipping is free.Revifol Review and price now

If for whatever reason you are disappointed with the product, your may send it back to the manufacturer within 60 days since purchase and get money refund. This proves that the producer is perfectly sure about its safety and potency.

Revifol customer reviews

Thomas F.: “I’ve tried various pills, shampoos, and topical solutions claimed to restore hair growth and prevent balding. None has worked for me. I nearly lost all hope. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended me to try Revifol supplement. I didn’t believe it would work, really. But to my great surprise, the results were amazing! I’ve been taking the pills for 6 months, and now my hair looks better than in my 20’s. I recommend this product, it works!”

Jerome T.: “When I started losing hair, I felt tremendously humiliated. It felt like I was getting old – and I was only 35! Any man can understand my feelings. But thanks to this supplement, the problem is fixed now. And it doesn’t cause any side effects. That’s great.”


Revifol formula is recommended to people having hair issues, no matter the cause. It works best for those who lose hair due to DHT hormone. But thanks to its powerful ingredients, it improves hair health in those who lose it due to stress, poor nutrition, and bad environment too. The supplement starts working immediately, and soon you’ll get back your confidence and feel attractive again. It’s definitely worth trying.



  • hair regrowth;
  • hair protection in the future;
  • overall health improvement;
  • safe and organic composition;
  • affordable price;
  • affirmative feedbacks;
  • money return policy.


  • the product has only online availability;
  • you shouldn’t take it if you’re allergic to any component.

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