Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 8PM

A beauty salon with brilliantly professional craftsmen is located in a Clearing. revampsalonspa’s policy is as appealing as its interior: premium quality service at an affordable price in record time.

Here they will always understand and hear: they will remind you about the appointment for a manicure, transfer it if you are stuck in traffic (in a polite, not icy tone), take into account your wishes, doing exactly what you wanted, and not what the stylist decided for you.

Disarming hospitality is a reason to come back again and again, and pleasant promotions are an opportunity to shine bright like a diamond without compromising your wallet. By the way, note: on March 8, Revampsalonspa offers sweet treats and gifts from partners, as well as the opportunity to win a certificate for 1,000 USD.