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This review is a must-read before buying Skingenix!

We suppose, everybody has experienced soft warts, scars and/or scratches on their skin at least once in a lifetime. It’s not painful at all, but still skin tags may look unpleasant. Besides, as a rule, they affect people’s positiveness and self-esteem.

Nowadays, there are certain cosmetological procedures to clear off plantar callosity and soft warts. But they are quite expensive, and some people find them painful. There again, traditional medications may cause undesired adverse reactions. Fortunately, there is a solution!

Skingenix is a fully natural skin care product that can help you solve skin issues like skin tags and/or verruca (moles). It’s affordable and available. Just read our review till the end to make sure yourself.

What Is The Product We’re Reviewing?

Skingenix is a skin care cream that can help you to get rid of soft warts and skin moles and make your skin look smoother. It’s manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice standards for medicinal products from 100% natural ingredients.

Skingenix comes in the form of cream, so it’s pretty easy to apply it and take it with you wherever you go. One bottle contains 30 ml (1 oz) of the product.

Skingenix Key Components

Skingenix cream consists of 100% organic ingredients only. The formula does not include any chemicals, genetically modified components or any other harmful agents. So that you can make sure yourself, we have listed the key active ingredients below.

  • Curcuma extract: This ingredients is often used for treating skin depigmentation, super-pigmentation and dark spots. Curcuma is known to be an organic disinfectant, so it doesn’t do any harm to your skin.
  • Cevitamic acid and tocopherol (also known as Vitamin C and E respectively): Cevitamic acid postpones signs of aging by making dark spots lighter. Tocopherol vitamin, in its turn, helps to get rid of dead skin, increases the growth level of new cells and boosts your skin ability to recover.
  • Aloe Vera: This component is really good for skin hydration and nourishment. Also, aloe vera improves your overall complexion (skin tone, texture). What is more, this ingredient eases symptoms of inflammatory state and itchy sensation.
  • Antixerophthalmic factor (Vitamin A): It boosts protein collagen level in your skin and increases the production level of new cells.

Is It Safe To Apply?

As we have mentioned earlier, Skingenix cream consists of 100% organic ingredients only. The formula does not include any chemicals, genetically modified components or any other harmful agents. Besides, it’s manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice standards for medicinal products. Therefore, it’s completely secure to apply to your skin.

How Does Skingenix Work?

Skingenix cream influences your skin naturally and in a safe manner by dehydrating soft warts. As we all know, every protoplast in our body needs water to function. Therefore, soft warts and skin moles, as a cell population, stop growing and disappear being dehydrated. It means at the first stage of the cream usage, you are going to stop mole growth.Skingenix Review

After that, your warts and moles dry out and fall off over time. So, you don’t have to use any other procedures, instruments or whatever. Therefore, we consider Skingenix to be the safest way possible to clear off skin tags.

At last, after dehydration, the affected area is in needs of moisturizing and nourishment. And Skingenix cream does it as well! Full of vitamins, it hydrates your skin, makes it smooth and increases the growth of new cells.

Advantages Over Other Products

In comparison to other anti-mole products, Skingenix does not cause any pain during skin tag dehydration due to its fully natural formula. Besides, it leaves no scars after a mole falls off.

Is Skingenix Actually Effective?

Yes, it is! Skingenix was lab-tested by a few third-party institutions and proven to be effective against skin tags and moles.

Who Should Use This Anti-Mole Cream?

There are no specific restrictions, regarding users’ age, sex, physical and/or mental condition and so on. Of course, it’s still better to consult with your doctor, dermatologist or cosmetologist about using this anti-mole cream. In some cases, surgical procedures are the only way out, though they are pretty painful.

Precautionary Measures For Skingenix

There are just a few precautionary measures you need to follow. They are the next:

  1. Keep the product in a dry place at room temperature (+15-25°C).
  2. Keep Skingerix away from children’s reach.
  3. If you have an allergy on one of the active ingredients, this cream is not for you. To check whether you have an allergic reaction, apply a small amount of cream on your wrist. The next day, check for any changes (redness, itching and so on).

Possible Side Effects

There are no adverse reactions reported due to Skingerix fully natural formula.

How to Apply Skingenix?

In accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, the recommended amount of cream to apply is 1 ml (2-3 drops at most). Apply Skingenix to the affected area and do not wash it after that at least for an hour. For better results, you have to use the cream on a daily basis. One bottle usually lasts for 30 days, but you will definitely see the results earlier than that.

Where To Buy? What’s The Price?

We strongly recommend you to buy Skingenix from the manufacturer’s official website. You just need to fill in an online form and place your order in one click.

One bottle of the anti-mole cream (30 ml) costs about $60. The delivery is for free. For money saving, you can buy two bottles at once on a special price – just $99.98. There is also a package option with three bottles of the product for 135 dollars.

Customers’ Feedback on Skingenix

For this part of the review, we have studied hundreds of different comments on Skingenix. We are glad to know that there are almost no bad reviews at all. Everybody seems to be satisfied with the product as it’s really effective.

Some comments are listed below.

As for me, the price is a little bit high, but the results are definitely worth it! I didn’t expect that cream to be effective but it really is! And I think its natural formula is a huge plus.

Jia Freeman, 32, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I got rid of my soft warts in a few days, they just dried out. With other creams, there usually were small scars left. But using Skingenix helped me to avoid this. The skin tone is perfectly smooth.

Emily-Rose Hughes, 29, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Every summer, my palms cover with skin tags. I don’t like using chemical-based products, so Skingenix is a way out for me. Thanks to its natural formula, I don’t feel any discomfort or painful effects while using it.

Julius Robles, 35, Arlington, Virginia.

I was really surprised with the results! Usually, I recoursed to surgical procedures, but I’m tired of scars after them. Therefore, my dermatologist suggested me this fully natural cream. I got rid of soft warts in a week, I guess. One more week I spent on moisturizing my skin. Thanks to the manufacturer, Skingenix is an all-in-one product.

Kwame Jones, 40, Chula Vista, California.

Skingenix worked as it was promised. I’m really grateful. However, I didn’t have to use it for a whole month. So, there is some cream left and I’m not sure what to do with it. Hopefully, I won’t need it anymore.

Amanda Durham, 28, Houston, Texas.

10 out of 10. Thanks to the manufacturer!

Iman Montes, 21, Jersey City, New Jersey.

My cosmetologist suggested this cream to me after noticing some moles on my back where I couldn’t see them myself. My husband helped me to apply it for two or three weeks straight. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Moles just dried out on their own over time.

Carrie-Ann Riggs, 53, Aurora, Colorado.


After reviewing all the mentioned aspects, we are ready to say that Skingenix cream is a great solution for those suffering from soft warts and skin verruca. The product has lots of advantages and just a few disadvantages. We have listed them for you below.

PROS Skingenix

  • Skingenix is effectious against soft warts and verruca (moles).
  • It comes in the form of cream what makes it easy to apply it to the affected areas.
  • The cream makes your skin smoother without any adverse reactions or risks to your overall health.
  • The Skingenix formula is fully natural and GMO-free. Therefore, it’s completely secure to use it.
  • Your clothes will not get dirty after applying the cream.
  • The Skingenix product does not cause any pain and leaves no scars after skin tag dehydration.

CONS Skingenix

  • It’s a little bit pricey for the amount of the product in one bottle.
  • It’s available online only.
  • Skingenix is not meant for people with allergies on the cream active components.

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