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To experience the benefits of handmade soap, sometimes just look at it. The original appearance of such products fascinates, gives aesthetic pleasure, and the abundance of products on sale allows you to choose products of various shapes, colors and structures. But the popularity of this product is not only due to its attractiveness, a variety of interesting options. Its main advantage is the optimal composition and use of valuable natural components that have a beneficial effect on the skin.
The benefits of handmade soap are provided by its components such as:

  • Grapefruit-cydonium soap with Luffa
  • natural vegetable oils-olive, linseed, Shea, jojoba, almond, apricot and grape seed, coffee, etc. – base oils that are a source of fatty acids;
  • natural essential oils – natural flavors, preservatives, antiseptics;
    dried medicinal herbs, flowers;
  • goat’s milk, honey, beeswax, aloe juice, extracts, extracts of medicinal plants-they provide the skin with nutrition, provide it with vitamins, minerals, soften and help retain moisture;
  • small pieces of loofah, grains of apricot seeds or other abrasive particles are added to the soap to get an exfoliating effect.

Why is handmade soap better?

Soap makers produce their products from carefully selected ingredients that have a positive effect on various types of skin. They do not include in their formulas synthetic flavors, preservatives, stabilizers, or other substances that negatively affect the quality and properties of the product. Because of this, the production process becomes more complicated, the price of products increases, but the effect of its use causes extremely positive emotions.The benefits of natural handmade soap

The benefits of natural soap and its advantages over synthetic analogues are especially noticeable for people with dry, sensitive skin. While ordinary soap from the store brings significant harm to the skin (dries, tightens it, provokes peeling, the appearance of allergic reactions), a natural handmade product provides the opposite effect:

saturates cells with microelements, vitamins and other useful substances;

  • Rose soap with cream
  • gently cleanses, effectively softens, nourishes, tones the skin;
  • improves its color and condition;
  • it has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect;
  • retains moisture and keeps skin firm;
  • protects it from the harmful effects of hard water;
  • gives it a soft, velvety, light fragrance;
  • fights rashes, irritations and other problems;
  • it is suitable for performing soap massage – for the purpose of deep cleansing of the skin, its renewal, saturation with useful substances and increasing elasticity.

And this is not a complete list of answers to the question of what is useful for handmade soap.

Additional advantage

This therapeutic and cosmetic product has a subtle natural aroma and composition. It has no contraindications, it is great for washing hands, washing the face, using in the bath, shower. Its dense creamy foam perfectly cleanses the skin, pores, and valuable natural ingredients provide nutrition, care, and get rid of a variety of problems.

Handmade soap with natural ingredients is a unique piece product. Even bars from the same batch can vary significantly in hue, pattern of dried flowers or flower petals in a soap base. But there are properties inherent in each quality bar of handmade soap. This is the pleasure of using it and its beneficial effect on the skin. Thanks to their natural composition, these products are suitable even for children, especially if they contain goat’s milk, chamomile, turnip or calendula extracts.

Order natural soap from our catalog and see its amazing properties. Once you feel the difference, you don’t want to change it to a synthetic analog.

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