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Before using massage oil, you need to get ahead of your skin type, because massage oils are primarily recommended for dry and normal skin care; owners of oily skin should first consult a doctor. The algorithm for further use of such cosmetic products is extremely simple: you need to apply cosmetic oil with massage movements, smoothly distributing it over the skin, it is best to do this after each shower or bath, then the skin will get a max effect.

Useful properties of massage oils

Massage with special oils is pleasant and useful. Natural ingredients provide comprehensive daily  skin care.

The benefits of using massage oils?

When using massage oils, the following is provided::

  • improving local blood circulation;
  • reduction of edema;
  • improvement of skin condition, appearance and tone;
  • giving it smoothness, elasticity and silkiness;
  • softening, moisturizing, complex nutrition of tissues;
  • slowing down the aging process;
  • relaxation, relief of fatigue and tension;
  • normalization of well-being and emotional background;
  • increased immunity and performance.

When choosing the fragrance and composition of the product, consider your own preferences and skin needs. Our catalog offers a wide range of massage oils and other massage products with pleasant aromas for every taste. We also recommend using scented candles or diffusers during self-massage to achieve relaxation and harmony.


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