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The rules of the daily skin care of the face: the important procedures for beauty and skin health

Female beauty is a multi-faceted concept, but its important component is always healthy and well-groomed skin. Even girls who do not have skin problems need to take care of it to maintain a radiant appearance. If your face shows signs of fatigue or aging, it’s time to think about intensive care.

Hydration and protection
Caring for the lips
Care for the skin around the eyes
Rules for daily skin care
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The basis of concerns about the condition of the skin is the right daily facial care. Its main components:

Hydration + protection.
In addition to these procedures, it is important to maintain a normal state of the body, lead a healthy lifestyle, and avoid overwork. The skin condition is affected by the quality of food and sleep, psychoemotional background, the presence of bad habits and health problems, the environmental situation in the region of residence, and many other factors. So, skin rashes often signal poor nutrition and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, blue circles under the eyes – about lack of sleep, and dullness and peeling of the skin – about a lack of fresh air and an inactive lifestyle.


Daily facial treatments begin with the removal of accumulated dirt, dead cells, skin fat, makeup particles and traces of bacterial activity. It is necessary to perform cleaning procedures in the morning and evening, using a wash gel, mousse, cosmetic milk or emulsion. Thanks to the use of cleansing products, the face is prepared for applying makeup or a nourishing night cream. Untimely or insufficiently thorough cleansing leads to poor absorption of nourishing and moisturizing products, the appearance of acne and blackheads.

You need to clean the skin in the correct sequence:
Remove makeup with milk, micellar water, or other cosmetic product intended for this purpose. Apply the used product to the sponge, hold it over the skin with soft movements, briefly apply it to the lips and eyelids, then gently wipe off the remnants of cosmetics.
Wash your face with water at room temperature – better cool than hot, so as not to provoke sagging skin. Squeeze out a little gel or mousse for washing on the palm, lather and massage lines spread over the face. If desired, use a sponge, a special brush or sponge to gently massage the skin and increase local blood circulation. Avoid aggressive exposure. Thoroughly wash off the foam so that its remnants do not clog the pores.
Blot your face with a towel, avoiding stretching the skin.


Proper daily skin care necessarily includes toning – treatment after each stage of cleaning with a tonic or lotion. This rule applies to all skin types. It is better to use non-alcoholic tonics in order not to dry out the skin, minimize the risk of allergies and not provoke too active work of the sebaceous glands. All movements should be performed in the direction of the lines of minimal stretching of the epidermis: from the Central line of the face to the ears.

The rules of the daily skin care of the face
Attractive young adult woman apply facial cream look in mirror, beautiful healthy lady wrapped in towels put moisturizing lifting nourishing day creme on soft hydrated moisturized skin in bathroom

The tonic is selected by skin type and provides:

  1. cleaning and narrowing of pores;
  2. removing makeup and cleanser residue;
  3. moisturizing the skin, increasing its tone;
  4. removal of redness and inflammation;
  5. restoring acid-base balance;
  6. preparation for subsequent procedures.

Hydration and protection

Daily facial care is not complete without hydration. A full supply of moisture is necessary for a radiant appearance of the skin, its healthy color and elastic structure. An important condition for the normal flow of moisture to the cells is the correct drinking regime. You should drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day, including 1 glass on an empty stomach. It is desirable that the water was slightly warm, you can add lemon.

The product for moisturizing and protection is selected based on the skin type:

  • For dry – fat cream. It penetrates the tissues and saturates them with moisture.
  • For oily skin-a moisturizing product that does not leave a greasy Shine.

Day cream is applied to the face, neck and decollete area in the morning or in the afternoon, before using decorative cosmetics or independently of it, 30 minutes before going outside. The film left by it helps to preserve moisture and protects the dermis from the negative influence of atmospheric factors: wind, sun, precipitation, dry air, cold. Depending on what active ingredients are included in a particular day cream, it may be intended for a specific skin type and season.

For example, in summer, it is advisable to use day creams with UV filters. They protect the skin from the sun’s rays, which evaporate moisture, break through the lipid barrier, increase the level of melanin and cause photo-aging. If the sun exposure lasts more than 3 hours, apply the cream with UV filters again.

In addition to cosmetics, it is recommended to use wide-brimmed hats or baseball caps to protect your face from the scorching sun. To protect the delicate skin of the eyelids from wrinkles, wear sunglasses. In the cold season, the rules of daily skin care are supplemented by the need to use a cream with lanolin. It protects the skin from frostbite.


Night nourishing creams are used to actively saturate cells with useful substances. They are applied to clean skin of the face, neck and decollete area, pre-treated with tonic or lotion, a couple of hours before bedtime, also in the direction of massage lines:

  • on the front of the neck – vertically up, on the side sections-down;
  • from the corners of the mouth to the nodules of the ear;
  • from the midline of the forehead to the temples;
  • from the root of the nose towards the temporal zones.

Excess cream that has not been consumed for half an hour is removed with a napkin. The cream is selected taking into account the problems and needs of the skin, age characteristics, season and the desired effect. In addition to high-quality fats, oils and water, the cream may include vitamins, plant extracts, extracts and juices, hormones, biogenic preparations required for the vital activity of salt cells, extracts of plant and animal substances.

Up to 20-25 years of age, it is not necessary to use nourishing creams if there are no indications for this from a cosmetologist. For example, dry or sensitive skin requires additional nutrition. On the eyelids, night cream is not used, because its composition and consistency are not suitable for such thin and vulnerable skin.

Caring for the lips

In the question of how to properly care for your face every day, you should pay attention to taking care of the skin of your lips. It is thin, has no sebaceous glands and is highly susceptible to atmospheric factors. The basic rules of lip care are:
When applying makeup – use lipstick with moisturizing and softening components, UV filters and vitamins.
In between the use of decorative cosmetics – applying lip balm or oil.

Care for the skin around the eyes

The skin on the eyelids is thin and sensitive, with a minimal amount of sebaceous glands, prone to stretching, swelling and wrinkles. In addition, she is tired of applying and removing makeup. Therefore, the eyelids also need regular care. In the morning and evening, after cleansing, you need to apply a special gel, serum or eye cream.

These products differ from face creams in a lighter consistency, the ability to be quickly absorbed, and passing an ophthalmologist check. Apply them carefully, with light movements, in the direction from the inner corner of the eye on top to the outer corner,and then lower back. On Sunny days, it is recommended to use products with UV filters.

Rules for daily skin care

From the age of 16 and throughout your life, perform daily procedures to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. Follow the regularity and correct application technique.
Wash your face with water at room temperature, preferably purified. Instead of washing, you can use cleansing milk.
Use hypoallergenic cosmetics of impeccable quality, suitable for your skin type and age category.
Use products with UV filters all year round. They reduce the negative effects of sunlight and slow down the aging process.
Pay special attention to thin skin-lips and eyelids.
For make-up, use products with a neutral pH level that ensure a gentle effect on the epidermis and maintain a natural balance.
Do not pull the skin – all movements should be soft and accurate, especially when making eye makeup. When exposed to the skin, it is important to follow the massage lines.
Never use products of questionable quality or expired cosmetics.
When taking care of your face, do not forget about the neck and decollete area. The skin in these areas is prone to dryness, sagging and wrinkles, so it needs to be fully cared for from a young age.
Minimize the impact of harmful factors-wind, uncomfortable temperatures, precipitation, dust. Avoid stress. Eat right. Get rid of bad habits.
Following these simple rules will help to keep the skin young and protect it from the early appearance of wrinkles. To properly care for the skin, 10 minutes of time in the morning and evening is enough. The result of your efforts will be smoothness, firmness of the skin, its attractiveness and healthy appearance. If you have just started to fully care for your face, the results will be noticeable in about a month, since the cell life cycle is 28 days.

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