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Online recording

Modern people prefer to save their time: make purchases, pay bills, and even change their passport online! Beauty services that many clients sign up for online are no exception. To grow your business, it is important to respond to this request. Connect the CRM system for a beauty salon so that you can make an appointment for a manicure or haircut in a few clicks. For example, you can use The free l’oreal Booking app. We have already talked about it in previous posts.

Eco-friendly trend

Over the past few years, we have been talking more and more about ecology and reducing environmental damage. The beauty industry as a whole actively supports this trend, creating lines of organic cosmetics, using recyclable packaging and refusing animal tests. You can also make your salon business more eco-friendly! We have written about this in detail in recent publications. And be sure to tell your customers about your actions! For many of them, this is really important.

Development of narrow-profile salons

The number of highly specialized studios (such as barbershops or manicure studios) will continue to increase in 2020.

To effectively develop such a salon in 2020, first of all, pay attention to the qualifications of your masters. Motivate them to be trained by the leaders of the beauty industry at least 2 times a year. It is important that you not only provide high-quality services, but also be aware of the trends in your beauty industry. Regularly monitor what services, techniques and materials are currently trending and, if possible, try adding them to the salon’s menu of services!

Good news for owners of all inclusive salons: they will also be relevant in the near future!

Focus on brand development

Have you noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about personal brand development lately? Now this is also true for the salon industry! Many owners today strive to develop the name and brand of their salon. After all, it helps to attract new customers and keep regular ones in the event of the master’s departure! Think about what features of the salon could increase customer loyalty and interest. Many people today pay attention to the design: choose the same style and colors for interior design, signage and logo of the salon. Well, no ads here anywhere! Use hyperlocal targeting on Instagram and don’t neglect collaboration with bloggers.