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Over 30 million of Americans face the problem of nail fungus. It’s an embarrassing health condition that makes people feel awkward when they are barefoot, as their nails look rather ugly. Fungus is not that dangerous but it apparently demands proper treatment to avoid complications. Besides, this condition may be contagious. However, it’s not simple to cure fungus. Usually, it takes a lot of time, efforts, and money before you find the solution to this frustrating problem. ZetaClear seems to be exactly the thing you need to eliminate fungus fast and effortlessly. Read the review to learn about its components, effects, benefits and drawbacks.

About nail fungus

In medicine, this condition is called onychomicosis. It’s a fungal infection that generally affects toenails. Sometimes, fingernails may get damaged as well. The most typical symptoms of the infection are:

  • Thickening of the nail;
  • Discoloration or yellowish color;
  • Nail cracks and breaking off;
  • Inflammation and pain;
  • Nasty smell.

The condition is caused by molds and Candida fungi. Their activity is often triggered by poor hygiene, wearing shoes of artificial materials that cause perspiring, poor blood circulation. Also, risk factors include family history and certain health conditions, like psoriasis, diabetes, weakened immunity. Men suffer from onychomicosis more often than women.

Finally, you may simply catch fungi from someone. For example, if you often go to swimming pool or gym and walk barefoot there, you are highly exposed to contamination. The wet climate in these places creates perfect conditions for fungi.ZetaClear Review: Eliminate Nail Fungus for Good

Treating this disease is a real challenge. It takes a lot of time, as the affected nail should fully grow afresh. Besides, many health products people use to kill fungi don’t give the observable result and may even be harmful. To treat nail fungus there are two ways: topical solutions and medications to be taken orally. Sometimes, both of them are used to maximize the potency.

What is ZetaClear?

To kill nasty fungi for good and prevent infection you need a powerful and safe means. ZetaClear formula is just it. It provides fast results and is very efficient when it comes to nail infection. The product includes two items: topical solution applied directly on the skin and nail, and oral spray that kill fungi contamination from the inside. The second one is recommended in serious cases, but you may also take it to eliminate all the symptoms: it won’t hurt.

The mission of the manufacturer is to provide an organic and potent solution to the problem of nail fungus. Their product is made from perfectly natural ingredients: vitamins and herbal extracts. Not only does ZetaClear eliminate fungus, it also gives a long-term protection. The product is manufactured in the USA, and all the components are approved by FDA.

How it works

The liquid substance may be applied to both fingers and toes. Basically, it inhibits the growth and reproduction of fungi that cause infection. The solution is pretty easy to apply. The set includes application brush, and it’s very convenient: the device lets you apply the solution exactly to the troublesome areas and fully address the problem. The procedure is repeated daily. Don’t worry: the solution doesn’t have any foul or medical smell.

The usage of the oral spray is even simpler. You just place the tip of the container under your tongue. Then give it a single push. Repeat it three times per day. The mixture is rich in healthy nutrients and will give you the inner protection form fungal infections.

ZetaClear ingredients

The topical solution and the spray include several components, all are absolutely organic and safe.



The first ingredient is jojoba oil. It is extracted from shrubs native to Mexico and Arizona. This oil has a lot of health properties, according to Health n Body Tips. It improves the state of hair and skin, moisturizes and cleans, prevents irritation. But above all, jojoba extract is valued for its anti-fungal properties. It reduces inflammation, enhances healing process. Jojoba is applied widely when it comes to fungal infection and related issues.

Sweet almond


This nut is a very healthy product. But you can not only consume it, but also apply its oil to the skin. Almond oil reduces inflammation, redness, and itching, has soothing properties. That’s why it was wise to use it as an ingredient in ZetaClear formula.



This plant is famous for its healing properties. People with nail fungus often suffer from swelling around their toenails. Lemongrass can improve blood circulation and successfully reduce and prevent swelling.

Tea tree


Tea tree extract is a strong healing substance. It has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, protects the immune system, prevents flu and cold, reduces swelling. Also, it’s widely applied to speed up the recovery process when a person is bitten by an insect or has skin trauma. That’s why it’s reasonable to use it to treat onychomicosis too.



This famous seasoning gives a special flavor and odor to a dish. But clove is also quite healthy. It boosts the immunity and flushes out toxic compounds. It’s especially recommended to people with liver issues. Also, it reduces inflammation, promotes healthy digestion, strengthens blood vessel walls and prevents cardiovascular issues. Finally, you may use clove to lower cholesterol level.



This beautiful plant with delicate odor has soothing, tonic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. It reduces pain and itching, prevents headaches and migraines, regulates blood pressure, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Vitamin E


This is one of the healthiest nutrients, and you absolutely need to consume it with foods or dietary supplements to prevent deficiency. It’s also used in ZetaClear solution, thanks to its properties. Vitamin E plays a key role in cell metabolism and tissue respiration. Also, it’s a natural preserver: it keeps the solution fresh longer.



This is one of the essential microelements, like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, etc. Sulphur is known to eliminate burning sensation and redness that often accompany onychomicosis.



Don’t be afraid: no one is going to poison you. Although high dosages of this element are dangerous, in small quantities it can cure nail fungus and prevent it in the future.

The effects

In 7-10 days, you will spot the difference. Your nails will slowly lose yellowish hue and unhealthy thickness, they will stop breaking off. The painful sensation and inflammation will reduce gradually. In a few weeks you won’t recognize your nails, so make a photo before start using the product and then make another one every week to follow the progress.

Not only your toenails and fingernails will look better, but the solution will improve your self-esteem and help you at last forget of the embarrassment caused by ugly and unhealthy nails. Soon you’ll be able to show your nice-looking feet without feeling ashamed. And with the oral spray, you will also be protected from fungi from the inside.

Is ZetaClear safe?

Both the solution and the oral spray are perfectly safe and harmless. As you can see in the composition list, no harmful substances, fillers, or dyers are applied in the manufacturing. The solution doesn’t cause itching, redness or burning sensations, and it’s not likely to trigger allergic reaction – however, this is possible in rare cases. That’s why it’s appropriate to have a talk with your physician before using the product. But mostly, it doesn’t have any adverse effects, as customers report.

How to buy

You may purchase ZetaClear solution and spray on the official website. There you may also check the current prices and offers. Order the product only from the manufacturer or official distributors to avoid fakes. Also, all the customers are protected by money back guarantee. If you find out that the product doesn’t work for you or causes any unwanted effects, you may send it back and get full money refund. However, it’s not likely that you return it, as most users are absolutely happy with the effect.

ZetaClear customer reviews

Melissa K.: “This solution has wiped out all the symptoms. It works perfectly for me, and no side effects. I recommend using it with the spray to boost the effect.”

Marcus F.: “I have tried loads of health products to kill fungi and cure my toes. But none of them has worked. That’s why I was skeptical about ZetaClear solution, but on second thought, I decided to give it a try. No regrets, it’s a real thing. My toenails are clear and healthy, like many years ago.”


If you wish to kill nail fungus and prevent fungal infection in the future, don’t wait any longer and make a purchase. ZetaClear organic and safe components will completely clear your fingernails and toenail in a few weeks. The product is easy to use, very potent, and risk-free. Order it today and soon you’ll forger about fungus forever.

Pr&Co ZetaClear


  • Fast and long-lasting results;
  • Easy to use;
  • Both outer and inner protection;
  • Natural ingredients;
  • Zero side effects;
  • Money return policy;
  • Positive feedbacks.


  • The product is not available offline;
  • It doesn’t work overnight; you have to use it at least for a few weeks to be cured completely.

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  1. One day I went to the pool, and I was very embarrassed when I undressed and saw that my nails were damaged. I don’t even know why I didn’t notice it before. The problem required an urgent solution, and I did not hesitate to start buying various products. But it was a waste of money, and the fungus was still on the nails. Tell me if nail fungus is dangerous and will ZetaClear help get rid of it quickly?

    1. The fungus itself is not so dangerous. It does not bring any discomfort other than disfiguring the nails. But if it is not treated, this disease can lead to more serious consequences. It is better to start treatment as soon as you find the fungus.

      ZetaClear is a great tool that will help get rid of the fungus in a few weeks. The product has passed clinical trials and its effectiveness is guaranteed. Do not waste time and money on other means that can make the situation worse.

  2. I decided to try ZetaClear when I first encountered the problem of nail fungus a couple of months ago. I found this product and carefully studied all the information about it. Its composition satisfied me, as it consists only of natural ingredients. Besides,
    ZetaClear is manufactured in the United States and meets all FDA requirements. I decided to consult a doctor before using the product. He also assured me that it was safe. I was satisfied with the result!

  3. I had fungus on my nails a couple of years ago. I remember that terrible time when it took me several months to get rid of this disease. I tried a lot of means then. That is why I was very upset when I discovered the fungus on my nails again a week ago. My friend advised me to use ZetaClear. But will I be able to get rid of the fungus without effort with its help? And how does this product work?

    1. Treatment of the fungus is a very long procedure because it takes time for the damaged nail to grow completely and be replaced with a new nail. It is important to eliminate the infection so that the disease does not last even longer.
      ZetaClear can eliminate the fungus in a few weeks. It helps to suppress the reproduction of nail fungi, which stops the development of the disease. It is important to follow all the instructions listed on the product packaging.

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